5 Movies To Motivate You About Going To Work

So you have got a case of the Mondays. Yeah, it happens to everybody, though the shared misery does not exactly change the fact you have got to get up and go to work. But hey, it could be worse – and we have got five movies here that are poised to prove it. If watching one of these workplace misadventures does not motivate you to get up and feel a little better about your job – well, we were not quite sure what will. (And just a little forewarning, this article does contain SPOILERS.)

1) Office Space (1999) – With a boss like Lundberg, your day job really could not get any worse at Initech. Try a cup of coffee and a little foresight before you take that laissez-faire attitude quite as far as Peter Gibbons, but his smoking wit and everyman demeanor could mellow you out just a little on that rough Monday morning. Or you could just take it up a notch like Michael and lay waste to your outdated operating system.

2) Waiting... (2005) – If you have ever served at a restaurant, then you have probably had a day like this. Or felt just a little like Mitch as you tried to navigate the complicated social politics. Hopefully yours turns out just a little better, but the overall message is clear – it is just another day, and your shift will end. That much is certain.

3) Ratatouille (2007) – Anyone can cook! An ungainly but adamant garbage boy and a rat with a knack for the culinary arts are out to prove that with a whole lot of passion and effort (and perhaps a dash of paprika), you can move up in the workplace and accomplish your dreams – even if you are not quite human.

4) Taxi Driver (1976) – You may be able to relate to the frustration Travis Bickle feels during his everyday commute, but be glad your career is not quite so perilous – or that you do not encounter quite the cadre of dangerous characters the hero squares off with.

5) WALL-E (2008) – We end our list with the story of a worker who truly would not quit on the job, even after literally everyone else on the planet has. No one has motivation quite like WALL-E, and in the end it certainly pays off for our hero. A true tale of motivation if we have ever seen one.