Keeping An Organized Workspace Will Increase Productivity

There is always that one desk in the middle of the workplace. Maybe it is yours. You know the one, with scattered papers lining the center, and unidentifiable clutter paying rent in the upper left corner. Then there is that strange, mildly smelly stain down near the bottom that always makes you question and re-question your lunch decisions. And sure, the owner of this desk claims they know just where to find everything, but as they frantically flip through a stampede of unrelated binders, you wonder just how accurate that statement might be.

The fact of the matter is a well-organized workspace will not only increase your productivity, but your overall mood as well. Studies show that employees who keep their workspace organized and well-attended are, on a typical workday, in higher spirits that than those leave a cluttered mess.

But organization is not always easy, and it can be deceptively simple to let your desk fall to pieces. You might come in late with a stack of papers that need to be filed, and they end up in a heaping mess two hours later. Or perhaps your paperclip bin has started to overflow, and now a new pile has begun to form on the edge of the desk.

Keeping your space organized takes foresight and a little extra work at the outset, but the results are hard to argue with. Some of the most common culprits can be loose papers, office supplies, food crumbs, and of course, cords. Cords can be a particularly tough culprit, as they are inherently messy items that knot easily, and often there is no way around having them in the area. Certain items like cord reels and twist ties can help keep your wires organized, however, and will definitely improve the feng shui of your zone.

Another great method for keeping your workspace organized is to designate certain areas for different items, such as the standard three-tiered desk structure, wherein one section of the desk is reserved for items that need addressed immediately, another for items that have already been addressed and can soon be removed, and the final for miscellaneous items that will always be there, such as paperclips, your stapler, or certain computer accessories.

These are just a few ideas, and there are just as many ways to unclutter your desk as there are to clutter it, but the bottom line is that you should give it a shot. You had be surprised just how much your workplace productivity improves, and how much better you feel at the end of the day.