7 Benefits of Working From A Cubicle.

Cubicles, at their core, were designed to break down walls. To encourage interaction between employees and provide a more vibrant, social environment, the cubicle was implemented in office spaces across the world. Some see cubicles in another fashion, however – as a desolate, claustrophobic environment that stagnates and stifles creativity. But wherever you might fall on the love / hate spectrum when it comes to cubicles, there are some definite benefits when it comes to working from a cubicle workspace.

1) Whether or not you might feel stifled in a cubicle, it definitely increases social interaction as compared to an office environment, where you find yourself alone in an enclosed room. Your workers are all nearby, and it is very easy to move from cubicle to cubicle to discuss ideas or collaborate on work. Some may argue that with the advent of instant messaging and social media this has been mitigated, but there are times when nothing quite compares to real human interaction.

2) This also provides certain employees with the opportunity to work together when previously they may have never found themselves in the same location. Graphic designers can more easily collaborate with coders, or marketing planners, etc.

3) Cubicles allow for a great level of personal expression, as you can decorate your personal workspace that is easily seen by others in the area. This can lead to new conversations and friendships, and with that, boost office morale.

4) Cubicles also allow for a greater level of interaction with the higher-ups, as instead of moving from office to office, when your boss is on the floor, there is always easy access to discuss any ideas or problems you may have and work to get them resolved.

5) Motivation can also be a greater factor when working in cubicles. If you are prone to slacking off, knowing that anyone could walk by at any time and see just what you are doing could help give you that push you need to get the job done.

6) News can travel faster from cubicle to cubicle than it can from office to office. If a big announcement needs to be made, having everyone in a concentrated group can really help the flow of information along. Again, one can argue that emails have largely mitigated this factor, but even email is not quite as fast as verbal communication (yet).

7) Less mess! Sure, there is always the mantra of bigger is better, but when it comes right down to it, your cubicle space is a lot easier to keep clean. With proper organizational focus, everything you need can be right at your fingertips.

It’s great to have your own office, but don’t forget that cubicles have many benefits as well, and there’s a lot to be said for working in an open, social environment.